A Touch of Fur


After having spent nearly half of a decade in Philadelphia, Spanish-born college senior, Rita, is no stranger to the cold. And when it comes to what she’ll wear once winter strikes, Rita’s got herself covered. Her go-to? None other than a Zara anorak. Could she be biased towards the Spanish-based label? Maybe. Regardless of where it came from, all that matters to Rita is staying warm — and looking good while doing so. Who can argue with that?

The best part of this beautiful, brown anorak is the fur-trimmed hood’s ability to seamlessly fade into Rita’s hair — practically becoming a part of her. Not to mention, it’s also incredibly lightweight, meaning Rita won’t ever find herself dripping in sweat after rushing to make her 8 a.m. Chem class. So go on, and get yourself a fur-trimmed anorak. Because even if you don’t pass Chem, at least you’ll have A-worthy style, like Rita.

Nicole Matos

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