An Ode to the It Bag

It’s small, smooth, always by your side, you take it everywhere — and no, it isn’t a Chihuahua. In fact, it’s better than a Chihuahua because you never have to clean up after it. However, you do have to take care of it. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s an It bag. And while it may not always be smooth or small, it is your go-to bag — the one you cram just about anything into, and have probably owned for one, too many years.

Somehow, it’s always seemed to have everything you’ve ever needed (and everything you haven’t): From love letters to lipstick, and everything in between, you and your bag have been inseparable from the start.

So here’s to you, Go-To bag — and to all of the It bags out there: May your seams never tear, your colors never fade, and will you continue to hold our memories — and keys — for many more years to come.

Nicole Matos

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