How To Pronounce 20 Famous Fashion Names

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Was it “Gee-van-chi” or “Gee-van-shea?” Well, you’re not the only one confused about how to say famous fashion names. And at least you didn’t pronounce Longchamp as “Long CHAMP” and had to be corrected by your best friend’s mom at her 15th birthday party. So, to make life a little easier, and birthday parties a little less awkward, here’s a roundup of some of the biggest names in fashion — and more importantly, how to pronounce them:

Anna Sui: anna suh-weeh

Balenciaga: ba-len-sea-ah-guh

Balmain: bahl-mah-hhn

Carine Roitfeld: car-een rah-oit-feld

Christian Louboutin: christian-lou-booh-tahn

Comme des Garçons: com-day-ga-son

Dolce & Gabbana: dol-chee-and-gab-hanah

Giambattista Valli: gee-am-bah-tease-ta vah-lee

Givenchy: gee-von-shea

Karl Lagerfeld: kahrl lahg-er-feld

Longchamp: Long-shomp

Louis Vuitton: lou-eee-voo-tahn

Martin Margiela: martin-mar-jeluh

Marchesa: markay-suh

Moschino: moss-key-noh

Prada: Prah-dah

Simone Rocha: see-mone row-shah

Versace: vur-sah-chee

Yves Saint Laurent: eve-san-lah-rohn

Zara: Sarr-ah


Nicole Matos

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