How To Survive Black Friday: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About

With Thanksgiving behind you, you can now look forward to a new holiday — you know, the one where we buy stuff a few hours after saying how “thankful” we are for everything. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s Black Friday. And although shopoholics are rejoicing nationwide for a day dedicated to discounts and deals for many, it is a day of absolute madness that must be avoided: From the crazy lines, to fighting over the last pair of fur Gucci mules in your size, Black Friday is just as much of a hassle as it is exciting. So, to make your bargain-hunting a little more dress and a little less stress, here are a few tips you should follow:

1. If you see it, grab it. 


This is definitely a day where you don’t want to play nice. While violence is not encouraged, assertion certainly is. So, if someone tries to grab that Vetements hoodie out of your hands, just make sure you tell them who had it first.

2. Don’t buy anything you won’t actually use.


Put down the high-tech toaster.

3. Only buy it if it fits.


Like any relationship, if it’s not the right fit — don’t force it. This may be easier said than done, but trust me — you’ll find another blue velvet blazer in your size (which you may end up liking even more!).

4. Check (and double check) your receipt! 


Black Friday can be stressful for both shoppers and retail employees. This can result in hasty transactions in which items can be charged twice or worse: Not fully discounted. That’s why today, you want to make sure you have (and have checked) your receipt before leaving the store.

5. Bring kneepads, shoulder pads, and any other form of body armor.


just kidding — but do make sure you stay safe out there!


Nicole Matos

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